Sylvia Seabolt | If you haven’t heard,
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If you haven’t heard,

18 Nov If you haven’t heard,

let me be the first to tell you:


In the election for WCR National Treasurer for 2018, I lost.


The good news is that nearly two weeks after the election, there’s a lot less sting in saying those words.


The bad news was that I didn’t have two weeks to process the results.


I had less than 24 hours to decide – should I run for Treasurer again? The way we changed the election cycle, candidates for 2019 National Offices were thrust into interviews and writing speeches the weekend of the 2018 election.


The good news is that I decided to run for 2019 National Treasurer.


The better news is that I am now your SLATED candidate for 2019 National Treasurer!!!!


Standout high school basketball coach Morgan Wootten probably said it best:


You learn more from losing than winning. You learn how to keep going.


In the early moments of learning of my 2018 loss, tears fresh in my eyes, my heart heavy, my confidence shook… I looked around at my fellow Women’s Council members, and memories from the last year and beyond flooded my thoughts:


As I campaigned for National Treasurer, I promised every member that you can count on my commitment to leadership, innovation, continuing education, personal and professional development, and every Women’s Council core value.


And in my travels, my commitment to those promises were met with the same and more from all of you. By way of our membership in this great organization, we’re a sparkling reflection of each other, ever in motion yet always connected.


This election isn’t about just me. It never was. If I gave up, I’d never be able to represent all of you whom I know, love, and respect so very much. I wouldn’t be able to be a voice for our members when they need it most. If I gave up, I couldn’t stand proud and represent where I come from – the great state of Texas, surrounded by the most loving family and friends. If I gave up, how could I face my first and best role model; the woman who never, EVER gave up, no matter what life threw at her. How could I give up on all of you, when not once have you ever given up on me?


I couldn’t.


I didn’t.


I kept going, and that weekend, I spoke with all the love, wisdom, and strength I gained from all of you during the 2018 campaign.


I spoke with the confidence of knowing the promises I make aren’t just said, but kept, and doing so isn’t something you or I can do on our own, but together.


I closed my speech by sharing my greatest desire for achieving the office of National 2019 Treasurer:


I want to serve as a sparkling reflection of every Women’s Council of Realtors member!


I’m honored and humbled to be your slated candidate for 2019 National Treasurer. I’m incredibly grateful for your love and support the past several months.


Because of you, I kept going.


Because of us, WE will win.