Sylvia Seabolt | Top 10 Healthy Hacks
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Top 10 Healthy Hacks

02 Feb Top 10 Healthy Hacks

As promised, here are my top 10 alternatives for making eating Low Carb/Keto and working out like crazy survivable. They are really in no particular order because I love them all.

10-Just the Cheese! Need some crunch in your life? These are hands down delicious. You can snack on them alone or turn them into some delicious avocado toast!

9-La Croix! I love this stuff. I remember the first time I tried it, I hated it. But it grows on you. My favorite dieting tip…pour La Croix in a fancy Champagne glass and trick your mind into believing you are having better bubbles. Or you can always mix La Croix with vodka.

8-Craving something sweet? Fat Snax Cookies will seal the deal for you. You get 2 cookies in each package, which is honestly more than I ever need as one cures my sweet tooth.

7-Have you ever gotten Moon Cheese at Starbucks? It’s crunchy bite size cheese, but it’s super expensive there. I stock up from Amazon.

6-It’s important to make sure you are getting enough Protein. In order to get enough, I usually have one of these a day. You can also use some of a shake instead of coffee creamer to grab some protein in with your morning addiction. I love the vanilla, but all favors are good.

5-Whisps Cheese Snacks! These are soooo good. I took some on a business trip this month so I would have something to snack on. The others there on the trip ended up eating them because they are that good. The Bacon BBQ are my favorite, but I love the Tomato Basil too.

4-Again, I have to do some supplementing to get enough protein in. I love these Think Thin Bars. They taste better than a candy bar to me and some have only 1 net carb. Take note that you have to get the high protein versions or they will have more carbs.

3-Epsom Salt…I swear by this stuff and literally buy this huge bag of it. Throw a cup in your bath. It helps relieve overworked muscles, relax and detox all at the same time.

2-I love to make gifts for friends, family and even myself. I mix epsom salt with essential oils to give your bath a nice relaxing fragrance. A few of my favorite oils are peppermint, lavender and eucalyptus.

And number 1-WATER! If you think you are hungry, chug some water. Moody? Chug water. Bored? Chug Water. Water helps with so many things. Lately, I have really gotten into water with a higher PH and electrolytes.

What are your favorite alternatives?

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